Using the digital technology operating at up to 24 bit 96kHz supported by a range of outboard equipment our aim is to record you sounding as good as possible. The main recorder uses a 24 track system but has a total of 384 tracks available and almost no limit to the number of takes that can be recorded and kept for review. Once recorded we can apply a range of effects as needed, compression, reverb, delay, modulation, chorus, mic and amp simulators and even if needed pitch correction to bring back into pitch that flat note on what otherwise would be a perfect performance. Editing down to the actual waveform is possible to remove any unwanted noise, pops, clicks, or the odd sniffle and cough. We also have a range of instruments and amplifiers for use.

The Technical bit

Roland VS-2480CD: 24Tr, 24bit, 96kHz Sampling Digital Studio Workstation
Tracks: 24
V-Tracks: 384 (16 V-Tracks per each Track)
Sample Rates: 96.0 / 88.2 / 64.0 / 48.0 / 44.1 / 32.0 kHz
Effects Cards: 2 x VS8F-3 Card / 2X VS8F-2 Cards (See effects list)

EQ: 4-band (2 shelving + 2 peaking) on each input channel and track
Dynamics Processor: Compressor & Expander on each input channel and track
Effects: 8 stereo (16 mono) available on each track

Effects List
Antares Autotune
TC Ports Reverb
Roland Effects
18 Reverbs
9 Delays
4 Tape Echo 201’s
6 Chorus
3 Phasers
3 Flangers
7 Pitch Shifters
29 Mic Modeling effects
10 Vocal modeling effects
11 Guitar processes
9 Guitar Amp Modeling simulators
6 Bass guitar simulators
26 Parametric Equalizers
3 Graphic Equalizers
5 Stereo Multi effects, 11 Speaker Modeling simulators 19 Mastering Tool Kits

Equipment List

A large range of equipment is used at Dormdust Productions, some of which is listed below.

Roland VS2480 Digital Audio Workstation, CME UF8 Master Keyboard,  Samson Servo 170 Power Amp, Technics Power Amp, Technics Turntable, Technics Twin Cassette Deck, Behringer 12 way Headphone Amp, Aphex 207 Dual Mic Pre-amp (4), LA Audio Dual Mic Pre Amp (2), ART Pro VLA II Compressor, Alesis 3630 Compressor, Flat screen monitor (2), Roland VX5080 with SRX-01, SRX-06 & SRX-11, Cubase SX, AKG C1000 microphone (2), AKG C3000 microphone and shock mount (2), Rode NTK Valve Microphone and shock mount (2), RED 5 Audio Drum kit microphone set and mounts (6 mics), Audio Technica Bass microphone, HHB Circle 5 monitor speakers, Coda Monitor Speakers (2 sets), Headphones (10pr), Range of  guitars and effects (Bass, acoustics, electrics), Fender Hot Rod Deville Combo Amplifier, Vox AC15 Combo Amp, Roland Cube Amp, Line 6 Combo Amp, Laney Acoustic Amp, Torque Bass Combo Amp, Pearl World Series Drum Kit, Roland TD3 drum kit.