We offer a top class mastering service to produce a finished CD with all the tracks balanced in terms of volume, overall sound and song sequence in order to produce a professional sounding CD.

We can also master songs recorded in other studios or on other equipment and most of the time produce noticeable improvements to the original material. This is achieved using a digital mastering suite consisting of multi-band compression, enhancers, equalisation and limiters.

Session Musicians

We can supply a range of session musicians, guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, and vocalists etc to make sure that you have the product you want.

Composing , Arranging and Producing

Many people find they can write the words and have an idea of the tune they want but are unable to put everything together. Given the words, a rough idea of the tune and the style you want for your finished song we can compose, arrange and turn your scribbled down notes into a finished song.


The system is fully midi synchronised so that the sound from midi sequencers can be recorded on a track by track basis to provide the maximum flexibility for mixing. A number of sequencers and sound modules are available for your use.

Backing Tracks

Thousands of professionally produced backing tracks are readily available. Wrong key, no problem, the key can be changed instantly to suite your vocal range.

Short Run CD Production

We can produce short runs of up to 20 CDs for you to take away and then advise you in terms of mass reproduction to ensure that there is no compromise on quality.