Dormdust Studio Covid Secure Operations

Dormdust Productions is open for business, but not quite as normal.  We are open for single artists and duos.  By following these simple and common-sense rules will help to minimise any risk caused by Covid-19.

  1. All contact points eg door handles and all equipment to be used in the session eg mic stands will have been sanitised prior to the session and again on completion of the session.  This includes any equipment you bring into the studio other than musical instruments that could suffer damage by being sanitised.  Sanitiser will be provided.

  2. Everyone entering the studio will sanitise their hands.

  3. Face coverings are mandatory at all times in the studio unless singing or speaking into a microphone.  Face coverings will be taken away by you at the end of the session.

  4. An extra charge of £10 will be made for each session to cover the cost of a microphone pop shield and additional costs associated with sanitising equipment.  The pop shield you use will be disposed of after your session as these items by design will become heavily contaminated with moisture from your mouth.

  5. Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all times, make use of the hand sanitiser on a regular basis and wear face coverings at all times whilst in the studio.

  6. The toilet facilities will have been cleaned and sanitised prior to your session and are for your use only.

  7. You should bring your own refreshments (drinks and snacks) with you as we are not providing them during the current situation.