The Studio Session

For a band with drums the first couple of hours will be setting up and getting things to sound right at source. We wouldn’t be attempting to record anything until the drums, guitars, amps were all in tune and sounding great. The biggest challenge is alwayss the drums. In a live situation you never notice the odd rattle and the fact that when you hit one of the toms the snare rattles like a can of marbles. As soon as you put mics on a drum kit they will pick up things that you didn’t even know existed. Now we can to some extent sort this out in the mixing by using things called “gates”, but the best option is always to fix the problem at source. So, and this goes to all of you not just the drummer, the day before your studio sessions check all your gear out. New strings on guitars (which might be better fitted a few days before the session) drums tuned and checked for rattles, leads and straps in good order (we do have a few spares) and most of all, make sure you know your parts. I don’t mind you paying me to hang around drinking tea whilst you learn your parts, but it’s an expensive way to do things. There will be some things that you want to try out that are different but come well prepared knowing all the basics.

As for the vocalists, don’t give in to the urge to eat a dozen packets of throat lozenges the day before thinking it will do you good. If it isn’t broke don’t try and fix it. Just don’t have a red hot curry the night before, and if you have a favourite type of bottled water bring some with you. Not that our tap water is bad or anything but I know how temperamental you wanna be pop stars can be!!

If you are just a vocalist wanting to lay some tacks down to some pre-recorded backing tracks then we are normally up and running within a few minutes of you walking through the door. Let us know a couple of days before what backing tracks you need so we can get them ready, all we do then is a few quick checks on different mics, pre amps and compressors to see which is best for your voice and away we go.

Having said all the above, relax and enjoy it. Let us have all the worries and pressures. A studio is a place where you can play your music, be artistic, and take as long as is needed.