The Costs.

At Dormdust Productions we aim to provide a top quality professional service at competitive rates. Every project is different and therefore it is not possible to accurately predict how much it will cost for the services you need. In terms of how much it costs and how much is achieved is down to you, how prepared you are and how many re takes are needed. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Typically, for a four piece band with the instruments recorded together and then overdubbing for solos and vocals it is possible to record, mix and master three to fours songs in a couple of days. There is obviously a balance between this approach and the approach where it takes a week (or more!) to produce one song, but these are things to be discussed.

The hourly rate is £25 per hour but cost effective packages are available on request.
Birthday Packages
We also offer special packages for birthdays and other occasions where you can come into the studio for a half day or full day and leave with a CD of you performing your favourite songs.  Top quality professionally produced backing tracks can be provided, all you need to do is the singing, or if you wish add some additional instruments.